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Likes for Facebook

Posted by on October 9, 2011

Likes for Facebook is a revolution that is transforming the way business owners interact with their customers and pick up new customers.

What are likes for Facebook?

Facebook is the largest social networking website in the world with over 150 million registered users! What that means to you is that Facebook has the potential to be one of your most effective advertising weapons on the internet.

Likes for facebook are the mechanism by which people indicate whether they like something. And as much as it may seem unimportant to you right now, you need to understand how this little likes for Facebook button is changing the way we interact, the way businesses communicates with their customers and the way new customers can be brought into the fold.

It truly is remarkable.

How do you benefit from the likes for facebook button

One of the most used features of facebook is the likes for facebook “thumbs up” button. But what does that button mean? And how can you use it for your business?

Statics show that a whopping 40% of Facebook fans (people who have clicked the likes for Facebook button) go out and recommend a particular product (whats awesome).  Imagine 40% of your customers actually bragging about you or your business or product?!!  The Likes for Facebook button allows a business customer (or anyone really) to show their support of a fan page, product or concept which reaches all their friends as well.

Advantages of Likes for Facebook for a business user

1. Email marketing

Likes for facebook will help you create a large base of Facebook fans. People who click the Likes for Facebook button on your page will join your fan base, and once you have a message to pass on to them, you can do so by sending an advertising-style email. There is a messaging feature in the administrative console of your fans page which will help you send emails.

2. Inspiration

Likes for facebook acts as an inspiration or stimulation for Facebook fans into knowing more about your business, products or services. By pressing a Likes for Facebook button, a Facebook user shows an interest in the business. This is the best way to start a personal relationships.

3. Adding more traffic to your website

Likes for Facebook buttons incorporated into your blog or websites will also drive Facebook fans to these websites and increase your natural web traffic. A news feed within Facebook will help share information contained on your website to friends of your fans – expanding your reach even further. For example, if you want to send out a message to your list of 10,000 fans (who all clicked on your likes for facebook button), your message is likely to reach a million users in one day (provided each of the fans has 100 friends on average).  That’s very powerful!

4. Easy Installation

It’s actually quite easy to install the Likes for Facebook button – even for Facebook users without technical expertise. Facebook provides a code so you can embed the likes for Facebook button right on your webpage or website. As a small businesses, you won’t need to spend a fortune on installation to make the Likes for Facebook button work.

5. Engaging clients

Likes for Facebook buttons help business owners keep their fans, customers and friends of customers updated with updates and new products. Think of it as way to send people a newsletter, but it won’t cost you anything! Nice! :)

Most Facebook users are interested in learning about new content and will always make a comment after discovering the content. Fans who press the likes for Facebook button will send more and more people to also view your article or fan page and also click the likes for Facebook button or leave comments or reviews, the more activity and hype you generate, the more people you attract. Feedback coming back from the business owner will excite them into seeking more information, and increase their desire to try out the new product.

6. Likes for Facebook Analytics

You can monitor the number of times your likes for Facebook button has been clicked by your facebook community each day by visiting There’s an analytics component on every Facebook page known as insight, and this will provide information on the demographics of your fans, as well as their daily activities.  The likes for Facebook button is so well integrated that you really don’t have to do much more than just install it!

7. Multilingual Likes for Facebook buttons

The likes for Facebook button users can also be displayed in a number of international and local languages. Installation of this international likes for facebook component gets a bit technical and depends on the Likes for Facebook button version being installed. But basically those using the Iframe version will have to replace the src URL with a locale parameter and country code. Those using the XFBML will have to include a language code when initiating the library. In order to add a number of languages to one of the likes for Facebook buttons you will need to allow for a slight resize of the width of the likes for Facebook button box.

If you run Facebook ads and use the likes for Facebook button in your Facebook advertising, incorporate the likes for Facebook button as a symbol that facebook users recognise.  You’ll see a huge improvement in your Facebook ad click through rates.

Also a highly liked Facebook page or product will appear on top of the Facebook search results and this is naturally a great advantage to anyone.

The biggest disadvantage about the Likes for Facebook buttons is that some of your friends will not like it if you let your page become commercial and more exposed to millions of people. Your exposure will mean that they too will be exposed, but this depends on what you are setting out to achieve and whether you want to connect your personal Facebook page to your business page.

If you would like more information about Likes for Facebook, or would like us to help you build a fanbase for your business simply leave your details and we’ll send you our pricing.

likes for Facebook


Likes For Facebook

FB Cash 2.0 – Can You Profit From Facebook Merchandising?

Posted by on March 27, 2012

With their target of achieving a user base of one billion, Facebook is among the most top social media site and, therefore, you need to consider them in your own online marketing efforts. However, you can find many people who only see this as a place to talk with friends and family and this includes many local businesses who do not have an successful presence on Facebook. It is actually this social interaction that makes Facebook an excellent marketing tool for businesses however some do not understand this or need someone to help them to take advantage of this. FB Cash 2.0 is a course aimed at making everyone a Facebook expert so that you can profit yourself and present your services to business.

Inside of the course you will find instructional videos that can take you from the basic data to get you started through to more advanced strategies so that you begin to profit quickly from the knowledge you gain. One thing to remember with Facebook is that they do make alterations to how the format of the site looks and so you have to take this into account when viewing the material here. However, you will be able to locate all the basic information you need even if you haven’t used the site before yourself. In fact, the starting point shows you how to setup your own personal profile if you are yet to get this done and then leads you onto how to set up pages for businesses.

Learning to generate these business pages will become the foundation of your Facebook marketing consulting corporation. All the features you should be aware of after creating the pages are shown in over the shoulder videos which are easy to understand although if you are completely new to this, there is bound to be more of a learning curve. One important aspect covered in the videos is the procedure of customizing a URL for a business, and although this is a simple process, many businesses aren’t doing this. Being able to demonstrate how to do this, in addition to impressing upon them the importance of doing so, gives you the status of someone whose solutions are in demand.

Included with the FB Cash 2.0 course are a handful of templates for setting up business pages for buyers. These pages encourage visitors to take action by liking the pages they land on, and also this can start a viral trend across Facebook. Do not worry that this will probably be too difficult technically because thorough installation instructions are given. It is worthwhile taking the time to do this, as you can then head out out to businesses who either do not have their own page or who need help to customize what they have. This is one way that you can write your own paycheck by offering this service over and over again and even growing your business to the stage that you can outsource it too.

FB Cash 2.0 also shows you how to attract fans to pages and how to convert visitors into leads so that your business will be profitable. If you’re wanting to start your own Facebook marketing business, this resource will show you how.

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Best Ways to Get More Facebook Fans

Posted by on March 26, 2012

Facebook is utilized by hundreds of millions of individuals throughout the world for mingling, for interacting with people or locating lost friends, or for any personal purpose. It is also applied by companies as a platform for distributing their marketing message by way of a business page, by way of a fan page or because of paid advertisements. Using this extremely popular social networking website businesses can have a variety of methods in which they can encourage, share changes, or distribute their marketing message and all these objectives can be achieved so successfully. A fan page can be a very efficient means for a internet marketer to effectively pass on his information, and this can be carried out with a lot of fans through which he can share his contents. Thus the objective should be to get more Facebook fans, and this could be completed by a variety of ways.

If you are a net marketer who would like to use Facebook for your marketing uses you’ve got to produce a fan page which is striking and so attractive that fans can get so very interested. If you will just bother to take a look at fan pages of big brands you will see how irresistible these fan pages are, that individuals will have more top reasons to “like” these pages. You’ll see how all these Facebook like pages have an effect on their marketing objectives. If you have a fan page much like these popular brands you will have all of the reasons to get famous and successful as well. Therefore if the important thing is the fan page and how it is designed, you have to start right away and produce one that is so irresistibly desirable that folks will “like” it as well.

Getting more fans on Facebook can be achieved in a number of ways. You’ll be able to ask your family and friends to be your fans, request them to invite their friends also to turn into your fans, or give contests and present prizes. You can also place an ad on Facebook marketing your fan page. Definitely you’ll find numerous creative items you could consider to include much more fans that have more inclinations to like your own page.

Making material offering valuable information and providing a “like” button in the bottom of the contents will also be a proven way. However the one thing that you have to make a lot more emphasis of is the material of your fan page. You have to produce updates which are useful, educational, appropriate and not with sales goals. Through this means your fans can positively connect with you.

Contents will be the largest elements that will make your fan page productive and get excellent tendencies for individuals to like this. Be sure that you consistently supply updates that you think get people serious. Whenever your fans inquire or get interactive, make sure that you answer them back.

Your own inter-connectivity can help you get more Facebook fans and they’ll feel good that you’re hooking up back furthermore. They are fully aware that you are able to help them or offer information about something they want simply because to them you could be the “expert” to consider for aid.

GetSocialTraffic allow you to receive gigantic boost of visitors to your business facebook fan page.

From Zero to Pro with Facebook Advertising

Posted by on March 26, 2012

If you have just blown-in from another galaxy, then you know very well how potentially lucrative Facebook advertising can be and especially to a smart online marketer. So let’s move fast and get to the heart of the matter as we reveal a few important points about advertising at Facebook.My Binary Code

You must take the right steps to make very sure all of your ad campaigns are speaking to the right people for your product or service. In addition to studying PPC ad methods, increasing your knowledge about copywriting will put you on very firm ground, as well. If you want to prove the validity of what we are saying, then simply run tests between targeted and non-targeted ads. You can greatly increase your chances of seeing fruitful results when you learn as much as possible about this area and take action.Carbon Copy Commissions

A neat idea is to drive your Facebook ad traffic to the ‘reveal’ tab on your Facebook page. The exchange here is a like for getting what you have put into your page. People will have a higher degree of trust with this process since they will recognize the Facebook page and be less hesitant to like it. Construct your page so it will be appealing to your audience because they still need to make the decision to issue the “like.” Bear in mind that you are not home-free after they ‘like’ you, and you will need to work to create more trust, etc.

Let’s face it, there will be times when you will need help directly from Facebook; no matter how good at you get at running your ads on the social network, you’ll require some assistance here and there. At this site there is the help center that is there for all who run ads at Facebook. Any professional advertiser will be aware of the surroundings in which he is operating. You’ll realize that your overall success comes from taking such small but intelligent steps.

Of late, advertisers have started to take Facebook advertising very seriously, and why shouldn’t they? If you can get involved and realize a good ROI, then we do not see why you would not want to do this. However, one thing that you should always keep in mind is that Facebook advertising medium like any other medium on the web has its own learning curve. You do not have to roll-out something huge that is very costly to begin getting your toes wet there. The best thing to do is have patience and learn as much as you can about writing ads and how to make the best ads for Facebook.

There is much more information on this which can be found at Wealthy Affiliate.

What You Should Know About Facebook Marketing Strategies

Posted by on March 26, 2012

Taking Facebook marketing strategies that actually work is something many executives are trying to get to support their adverts efforts. The concept may seem pretty hard for those that have attempted other programs that did not produce many results. Now there are methods to generate a pool of leads by simply duplicating the methods of those who are living the professional experience you wish.

Duplication is critical when you’re revving up to build a bunch of partners for the venture. When individuals sign up for a program the process can be fleeting if they feel left to look after themselves. This is why it’s urgent to provide trainings with a heavy accent on accessing supportive resources that are built into the composition of the program.

Being connected to a pool of resources only works for people that understand how to use the instruments it offers. After you get a new member to accept the conditions of the working relationship remember that an orientation period must be extended. Doing that can provide them the peace of mind they have to trust the method and stay centered.

Providing a step-by-step overview to new comers is important and makes sure they have got a grasp on the way to properly apply the methods they’re introduced to. Awe-inspiring things happen when folk take a proactive with new partners because it is the vehicle that supports them in finding how truly able they are. The gigantic reveal that the majority are waiting for will surface once they’re in a position to realize the positive feedback from their best efforts.

Social networking forums like face book offer numerous valuable tools many individuals do not even know exist. It provides the user the capacity to narrow their search and obtain quality leads. This feature saves a great deal of time and finances for people that are on the lookout for a cost-effective way to attach and expand their purchaser base.

An extra advantage to this type of marketing is it offers a means for exchanging ideals with others who are well capable in the MLM industry. Networking with others needs every individual to develop a personal care plan which will help them to stay positive. Reading inspiring bodies of work, eating sensible meals and implementing an exercise program are all essential to creating a balanced way of life.

It is important to remain teachable as one climbs the second of success. Change is unavoidable and will be embraced by those who need to stay up with climate changes that are taking place. Understanding those changes may require one to re-evaluate and adjust their business strategies to the existing requirements of their target audience.

Using Facebook marketing strategies is a great approach to building a multi-level marketing venture with other qualified execs. The methods provided are clear and easy to replicate for those that wish to have a program that is based on copying strategies that are proved. This just so turns out to be one of the most favored forums for the ones that are dedicated to experiencing a successful Multi-Level Marketing venture.

The single biggest problem of all network marketers is generating leads. Using facebook marketing strategies to compliment for main marketing efforts is highly suggested. Try not to put all your efforts into one strategy it could backfire. Don’t get me wrong facebook marketing strategies work very well, Click the links for more info on different types of marketing strategies.

Facebook Marketing Strategies And Amazing Ideas You Can Use

Posted by on March 25, 2012

Grasping Facebook Marketing Strategies

Many businesses are focusing on social media advertising for their marketing campaigns and Facebook marketing strategies that work effectively can offer great returns. Unfortunately for those that have difficulty with marketing campaigns, some of the concepts behind Facebook marketing could be a tiny difficult to understand. But the key to generating leads from social media sites such as Facebook basically means copying the way that successful social marketers go about it.

Duplicating success is a great methodology when you are trying to raise your business and build a team. When prospects sign up for more information about your opportunity, they may soon lose interest if you don’t offer them any guidance. It is extremely important to provide these new folks with excellent training and also tell them what other resources they can use from within a training programme.

You can’t just tell folks where to go and get something ; they need to understand how to use the tools that they can get. As fast as new team members come to terms with the way in which you work with them, you may find that coaching will be continuing. That may give new members confidence and confidence so they can stay focused.

Taking new team members step-by-step through the training process is important so they will understand everything they are introduced to. Effective leaders will take a positive approach with their new team members. That way these new team members will feel assured they can reach success thru their targeted efforts.

Social media sites especially Facebook offer many handy and excellent tools that many people don’t know about. Using Facebook’s intensive resources, web marketers can focus at once on their target audience thereby creating highly-qualified leads. This is one of the most cost-effective ways of getting free and well qualified leads, and it’ll save plenty of cash and time for those on a tight budget who need to successfully expand their enterprises.

Social network marketing also has the added virtue of providing a platform for others experienced in network marketing to exchange concepts. It is crucial that this interaction is always positive. If you find that you can not always be positive, read some inspirational books or watch uplifing DVDs by other professionals, and keep both your mind and your body healthy.

Once you start climbing the ladder of success stay humble and always have an unprejudiced mind. There are technical innovations going down on the Web each week, so always keep your intellect open to them and embrace whatever will work for your own business. Even if you have got to adjust your business practices to adapt to the requirements of your audience, you must to keep ahead of the game.

Facebook marketing strategies are a great approach to building a network marketing business alongside other business owners. It isn’t difficult to find the best strategies for implementing Facebook marketing strategies. Social media and Facebook marketing is one of the most efficient ways in which you can use to build your successful Multi Level Marketing business.

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